lived in hair color

Lived in hair color is a combination of hair coloring & hair highlighting techniques that allows the hair to grow out in a natural way, rather than leaving visible roots that require touch ups. Balayage, color blending, baby lights, highlights, color melting, teasy-lights, blonding all fall under this category. All color services are scheduled with time for smudges/toners , blow dry, or haircut.

all over color

All over hair color is simply that, one color. One color is applied from root to end of hair achieving a NON-DIMENSIONAL single application hair color. No Foiling or lightening of any kind will be performed during this service. Desired look must be the same level of darkness or darker than your current hair color. Hair color will not lighten the current hair color unless it is 100% virgin hair.

root touch up

Root touch up hair color appointments are designated to retouch a clients regrowth 6-8 weeks after their last color appointment. This is for single color clients or grey coverage at the root only. No foiling, lightening, or blending performed at this appointment.

root smudge/toner

Shadows roots, root smudges, toners, glosses, and root color melting performed on clean damp hair at shampoo bowl. This service must be scheduled with a blow dry or haircut appointment. Suggested between color services to prevent hair from turning brassy or dull. Conditioning acidic hair toners help add shine, light reflection, and saturation while holding longevity of desired look by sealing the cuticle down.


All haircut appointments are created equally. Wether cutting wet, dry, clean, or dirty ; trim or new look; the same level of skillset is provided. Enjoy a luxurious shampoo service followed by a conditioning treatment hand picked to benefit your hair & scalp. Cutting, texturizing, and detailing done on wet & dry hair. Not accepting new mens haircuts.

blow out

Looking for a long lasting blow out and style ignited with volume and memory for the busy week ahead? Schedule this service for any special occasion. Therapeutic scalp and hair shampoo followed by blow dry and heat styling.

hair treatment

Add hydration, shine, moisture with your customized masque selection available at the sink. Each treatment is specially chosen to benefit your hair & scalp health.

bridal hair/ formal style

Hair crafting designs for brides, bridesmaids, weddings, formal events, holidays, and more. Curls, braids, low bun, chignon, wavy, elegant, or edgy hair styles available.

sunless spray tan

Inspired by the Natives of French Polynesia, South Seas Tahitian Tan Solution delivers a rich and robust color ideal for all skin types. The mahogany color guide provides immediate, beach-beautiful color! Fast drying, non-sticky. Unscented & paraben free. Add your first tan to any color service and receive 50% off! South Seas sunless Tahitian tanning solution creates a natural warm glow. THE #1 CHOICE OF TELEVISION/FILM MAKEUP ARTISTS, HOTELS, RESORTS, AND MEDIA FOR SPRAY TAN SOLUTIONS. As seen on KUWTK, DWTS, allure, modern family, CBS, & madmen.

hair consultation

Let’s chat! Do you have questions before you commit to creating a hair budget for creating your dream hair. Schedule this 15 minute face to face appointment to iron out the details before scheduling your services.

body waxing

Monday night full body waxing available with Heather. 4pm-8pm With over 20 years experience she can make even a simple brow shaping feel like a luxury spa day. From eyebrow shaping to Brazilian waxing Heather has you covered. Brow waxing, facial waxing, and brow tints available with Sam as well.


the hair

Salt Strands hand tied luxury hair wefts. Salt Strands Hair Co. offers customers authentic, raw Asian hair ethically sourced and color consistent 18 -22 in.

Bellami pro hand tied hair wefts – 14-24 in.

Bellami pro weft hair wefts (thicker at the base)- 14-24 in.

Purchasing hair extension hair is THE big investment when it comes to cost. The initial hair purchase can range from $350-$1200 based on your hair vs. your desired look. If cared for properly your hair extension hair will last around 9 months.


During the consultation we will determine the cost for your desired look. Once you have decided to order hair we can get your appointment booked. Before any appointments are scheduled for extension services the hair deposit must be paid. Extensions are a luxury service and can become pricey. Less is more sometimes. Maintenance appointments are set up 8 weeks after your first service. This will be for removing extensions and sewing them back in to tighten up beads. All hair extensions require a move up every 7-9 weeks.

Color Customization

Plan on scheduling a color service also. Honestly, if you are investing in hair extensions you should splurge for the works. Color customizing creates a cohesive appearance from root to end leaving even the extension stylists questioning if it’s your hair or not.

Extension Service

Sam has been performing hair extensions since the early 2000’s and has watched the progression of comfortable hair extensions develop in the hair industry. Being trained in multiple methods of hair extensions is never a bad thing. Traditional hand tied extension methods slightly tweaked for comfort and wearability. Years of perfecting a specific technique self designed with some of her own tricks aid in providing a comfortable installation. ( Ibuprofen is always suggested before or after appointment to keep you comfortable. Initial 48 hours you may have a slight tension headache similar to that from a headband after a long day) The initial service may take longer than your future maintenance appointments. Please allow yourself 4 hours give or take for a lived in color and extension service.

Trained by NBR, Habit hand tied, Bombshell extensions, Aqua extensions, Donna Bella extensions, and more. Currently offering beaded rows only. Tape in inquiries please submit an email to request service.

media & marketing

Gathering videos, photographs, and documenting my work is extremely important to me. Photographs and videos are taken before, during, and after all appointments. Don’t worry. I will never make you do anything you are uncomfortable doing especially if you are camera shy. Please be patient as I create content to display in my portfolio.

hair care/hair tools

First things first you have to get a good blowdryer. Sorry to say that Conner that somehow made it through undergrad and back home with you will not suffice. Something with substantially more power and controlled heat distribution is suggested. I prefer the Bioionic 1 1/4 inch long barrel curling iron over anything else on the market! You’re also going to need a real hair care routine. Shampoo, conditioner, masque, tangle spray, oil, blow dry balm, hair spray, & texture spray.

weekly routine

Wash your hair no more than every 3 days to keep hair soft & shiny.

Example of a weekly extension routine below

S: Wash Day + Deep Condition

M: Curl in the morning

T: Brush, re-curl in the morning

W: Wash Day

Th: Curl in the morning

F: Pigtail Braids or Half up

S: Braid or low bun


Before showering be sure to brush your hair to remove tangles, product, matting. Always separate the rows if you have multiple, making sure the hair between the extensions is completely brushed out.

Starting at your scalp gentle lather shampoo being sure to cleanse all of the hairline, all of your natural hair, and in between each row.
Repeat shampoo process until hair is clean. Rinse well or your scalp will itch. Do not leave any product behind. Apply conditioner starting at the ends and working your way up the hair shaft. Smooth over or comb through to seal split ends. Rinse well. Hair and scalp should feel clean and wet extension hair should smell clean.

styling extensions

You do not want to rough dry with a towel, this will cause frizz, tangling, and possible matting. Blot dry with towel to remove excess moisture. Mist with a leave in conditioner for an easy comb out. Using a Wet Brush brand detangler brush, start from the ends of your hair and work your way up. Slowly work through the tangled hair as you move up the hair shaft towards the weft. Never brush directly over the weft but make sure you remove all tangle at base of head daily. Start by applying a heat protective oil from root to end. I always apply a blow dry balm as well to cut down on blow-dry time and smooth out surface. Rough dry about 80% of the way. Be gentle and dry mostly with just hands until hair is at least 75% dry. Do not use a brush in wet extensions until you’ve removed most moisture or you may get stuck or cause knotting. For a faster blow dry, section out each row and rough dry separately. Use an extra large round brush or smoothing paddle brush to straighten out hair for the remainder of your blow dry time. Reach your hands into your hair and feel the weft where it meets your scalp. Make sure you get this area completely dry. If it feels cool to the touch its still wet inside. Continue drying until weft area is 100% dry. Leaving wet spots through hair can lead to frizz or heat styling damp hair. Curl and finish with hairspray & texture spray. Brush or shake curl loose. Brush throughout the day when necessary.

night routine

Invest in a silk pillowcase to keep hair from frizzing and tangling at night. Before getting in bed be sure to brush through hair with wet brush removing any matting. Loosely braid hair and secure with a soft scrunchie or hair coil while you sleep to prevent major knotting and breakage. Never sleep with extensions in a high tight bun.


Don’t fall asleep with wet hair.

Don’t wear high buns for long periods.

Don’t pull extensions out if a string breaks or bead slides.

Don’t use product unless it’s from a licensed retailer. Salons, brands website, Sephora, or Ulta are safe places to shop.(amazon, tj max, marshals, & target are not licensed retailers. they are known to sell diverted or fake product)


SUNSCREEN WILL CAUSE DAMAGE & TURN EXTENSIONS PINK/ORANGE!This is all due to ingredients in sunscreen like Avebenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) and Octocrylene that absorb the UVA rays. If they touch your hair extensions a chemical reaction will occur once you go in the water. The reaction changes the color to a peach, salmon, brassy looking discoloration that is often irreversible. Clean sunscreen brands like Cera Ve, Sun Bum and Simple Truth Sunscreen, & Banana Boat Sensitive are safe to use

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